How Fitness Trends Impact Commercial Real Estate Property in 2019

The health and fitness industry continues to do well even during economic turmoil and political unrest in any country proving that the present generation is concerned about their fitness and is willing to go that extra step to stay in shape.

This trend is welcome for reals estate agencies which rent their properties for gyms and fitness centers. This is one area which is unaffected by the internet boom because to enjoy state-of-art equipment people must take gym memberships which in turn boosts the business and in the overall picture is beneficial to the real estate industry.

The future for the real estate industry in very bright in 2019 as more and more gyms integrate technology into their arena and provide digital access and workspace to their patterns. The need to provide more than just latest equipment for exercise, owners have realized the importance of widening their borders and including health clubs, restaurants that cater health food, shops that sell sports attire and footwear and hair salons for the groomed look. It will be further beneficial to open shops that sell special supplements as avis sur testofuel meant exclusively for those who want more from their fitness regime. By providing all facilities under one roof, fitness centers want to cash in on the popularity of exercise.

What also augurs well for the industry is the increasing age of exercise goers. As a commercial real estate agent, one must look at properties in the communities where adults over 55 are staying. This is still an untapped segment of the fitness market and can be exploited significantly because their requirements from fitness centers are different from those of millennials.

Another trend that is gaining popularity in the fitness department is group classes and community events like boot camps. Commercial real estate agencies can offer amenities designed exclusively for such events.

Finally providing adequate parking not only for clients to the gym who will be paying members and will demand special parking rights but also for customers who come just for shopping will enhance the value of the property.…

How getting in shape helped me sell houses

I’m a realtor, I sell houses for a living, I’m also a dietician and a fitness enthusiast, I used to be heavily overweight, my BMI was in the 30’s for a taste of where I was at. Being a realtor, I struggled to feel awake at times, especially with a client who was very persistent for example, I also struggled at being able to stay awake at regular times of the day because of my heavy addiction to eating carb heavy, sugar filled foods like Pizza’s and Soda’s to shore up my energy levels. One day I decided enough was enough, and I decided to go on something my friend Joey recommended to me: Weight loss and Cleanse with Bio slim Cleanse “the Keto diet” .

The keto diet essentially forces you to eat less than 30 grams of net carbs a day (That equals total carbs – Fiber, as Fiber is not counted as a net carb, this doesn’t mean you can eat cookies all day and then eat a fiber supplement to “get rid of the carbs”, that’s not how it really works). Eating this little amount of carbs in a day forces your body into a state of metabolism known as Ketosis, where your body uses Ketone bodies as fuel instead of glucose.

There are a number of great benefits to this process:

  • Ketone bodies are better than Glucose as a clean fuel source for the body
  • The Hunger hormone is suppressed by Ketosis
  • Insulin levels will remain much more stable throughout the day, reducing weight gain
  • The first 10-15 pounds will come off extremely quickly as Ketosis forces the body to jettison a lot of water weight in the first week or so of dieting.
  • After your body adapts your resting energy levels are much better

Luxury Villa Rentals At Koh Samui

Are you a traveler who wants to enjoy the vacation in luxury? Luxury villas at Koh Samui, in addition to providing the required luxury, also provides many private facilities and amenities one can ever dream of. Travelers who visit Koh Samui enjoy spending their vacations in a luxurious Koh Samui villa. Also, when people are travelling as families and groups, then Luxury villas are the ones that offer the comfort and convenience without the pressure of the hotel food hours and timings for various amenities.

The Variety of Choices

When it comes to Tourist places in Asia, places like Koh Samui offers a variety of choices of private villas. Thus, visitors can choose from the options that fit their needs. Tourists who want to be near main tourist areas can rent a property near those places while people who come to the island in need of privacy and seclusion can find beautiful villas that are close to the less developed beaches. Whatever the holiday preferences are, Koh Samui villa Rentals would suit you.


The private villas offer multiple facilities like Private pools, Jacuzzi, gardens, terraces and luxurious interiors.  The facilities are specifically designed to give the tourists a comfortable feeling. They can relax and de-stress completely in privacy. Many villas offer five-star like amenities but at quite affordable rates.

Great Services

Renting out a private villa has another greater advantage. There will be a dedicated team of staffs who are employed within the villa to ensure that the guests staying there have a relaxing experience. The team usually comprises of a manager, concierge service person and a team for cleaning and maintenance. A personal concierge helps in arranging cars to pick up guests from the airport to the villa on arrival, I have booked luxury villas through your kohsamuivillas. Guests can also hire personal chefs and massage services through personal concierge to enjoy their favorite food at their own place.


Buying a house isn’t just about investment in a property. It is all about making that property worth living in. You could buy the most expensive plots of real estate, but if it is not beautified, it will look practically worthless.

You can add value to your house with all the decorative you like, but without the right lighting, it is wasted after sunset. This highlights the importance of good lights in a house. But again, having good lights does not mean you spend a fortune paying electricity bills. With the advent of LED lights, the costs have lowered and quality of lights has improved substantially.

A few good 1000 watt LED Grow lights are all you need to brighten up your house. Use your imagination and make that property look more than it’s worth. Here are a few tips to make your house look brighter and better.

On the Deck: After sundown, it is usual that the patio begins to appear a little unwelcoming. Especially when you want to look at the people around you. Simply throw in some colorful LED lights and make that patio the best place to socialize.

Around the pool: Make the swimming pool appear welcoming even at night with a simple strip of Led around it or even under it. Check out option in waterproof LED lights that work even under water. But of course, installing electric lights underwater is the job of a professional.

Above the tub; In case you might not want to mix electricity and water, you can still enjoy it from above. Soak in a warm water tub under the ethereal glow of some LED lights.

Photograph frames: Add that element of fun to your frames and make that family picture appear even better. You can buy some LED photo frames or buy some LED lights to enjoy the perfect lighting.…

Does Your Landlord Have Full Drain Blockage Coverage?

Your landlord should ideally cover most of the drain blockages in and around the rental property. However, there are certain things that the landlord does not have to deal with. Most importantly, refer to the rental agreement that was signed between both parties, the landlord, and the tenant, to check for the list of things that will be covered by the landlord.

You can hold your landlord responsible under the following situations:

  • Blocked drains, sewers, external waste or drain pipes
  • Blocked arising out tenant’s constant use
  • Repairs to hot water cylinders or boilers
  • Repair and maintenance of pipes, fittings, valves, and radiators
  • Repair, damage or discoloration of chains or stoppers in bathrooms, sinks, tubs, drainers or kitchen washbasins due to previous tenant’s use, due to wear and tear or due to faulty installation procedures
  • Repair, damage or discoloration of toilets, toilet seats, commodes, toilet covers, washbasins due to previous tenant’s use, due to wear and tear or due to faulty installation procedures
  • Repair around the amenity areas unless the local authorities are responsible for it

However, you cannot hold your landlord responsible for:

  • Blocked drain and waste pipes in the street or gully
  • Works that need to be carried out by the insurance company or local council

As a tenant, you are held responsible under the following situations:

  • Repair or damage to chains or stoppers in bathrooms, sinks, tubs, drainers or kitchen washbasins
  • Replacement of chains or stoppers in bathrooms, sinks, tubs, drainers or kitchen washbasins due to tenant consistent use
  • Repair or damage of toilet seats, commodes, toilet bowls or toilet washbasins
  • Replacement of toilet seats, commodes, toilet bowls or toilet washbasins

You can have a CCTV drain survey Glasgow installed around your premises or request your landlord to install one for you. CCTV footage provides a detailed report, which is very useful to identify any constant fault with the drains of the house.

Lighting For Real Estate Photography

How do you capture your precious moments? How do you decide on what to capture? How do you arrange the setting if you want a still photograph? Which color will suit the best if you want a naturally lighted image? These were the questions on my mind when I handed over the camera to my husband on our recent trip to the wildlife sanctuary. Travelling on a rough terrain in a bumpy jeep, I was doubtful on how he would click the sunshine through the canopy, the glitter on the water-front at a distance and the play of the setting sun on the big single rhino.

These were actually easy. Photography on a moving background is easiest, I should say for the images become naturally breathtaking. That would not be the case if you want to create a masterpiece out of a still and stationary scene.


Removing the limits of still photography with lights

All of us come across photos of houses, lands and commercial centers which are on sale on real estate sites. Very rarely, they succeed in getting our attention and represent the real attractive looks of the property. It is a fact to be reckoned that taking photographs of stationary real estate properties need high skill and creativity.

Lighting and camera go hand in hand. You see a cameraman and immediately you see a lightbox following him very close. This clearly indicates how important a good lighting is to get the best picture of your property. We do not have sites like just for the sake of its existence, but to assist us in professional lighting.

This doesn’t mean that you switch on all the lights in the room before taking the photograph. Lightings may be layered or have dimmers. There may be different shades of lighting and each light will be producing shadows in different directions.

Place the camera in the position giving the best view of the room and switch on the lights which do not cast a shadow on the image or create glares on the lens.

The lights should allow the natural colors and textures of the room to appear in the image and be able to portray the purpose of the room.

A simple sense of creativity and some visible light physics will make your house picture-perfect.…

My Real Estate Agent Helped Me Move to My Dream House

It is being long since we have been house hunting. Chicago seemed the best option as my son had got through his interview and was soon to join the university. So, we were very keen to move to this vibrant and happening city. Finally zeroed in on a real estate agent whose name was highly recommended. Cordial and very professional people who work to fulfill our dreams of a dream house.

We had a few conditions like budget a two-bedroom apartment in a good locality, preferably closer to the university so that it saves travel time. The agent showed us some very beautiful places, but it was way over our budget.  They sat us down and showed all the properties they had and explained the benefits of each place. Had never felt so special. After repeated discussions, we finally found our dream home. Had to compromise on the area or locality. It was a little further than what we had wanted, but it had a great view, closer to my husband’s office and close to the bus pick up apoint which was very convenient for our son and me.

Now came the other difficult part, moving to the house. We knew it was going to be stressful as we had to move in by the end of the month. With very little time we had to get a very good mover for the job. Then my real estate agent suggested a name and I hired these Chicago movers. They were like Godsend. They were so organized and worked with such precision. After a long inspection of our household things, they gave us an estimate which was quite competitive. They began their work and helped us through the most daunting task of moving to our dream, house.

Finding Your Suitable Garage Door Repair Service

If you are a garage owner then you would be requiring the assistance of an efficient garage door repair service not only to fix any issues related to the garage door but also to prevent such issues from occurring by ensuring the routine inspection and maintenance, for which finding the suitable garage door repair service is significant, which can be effortlessly carried out by looking for the below-mentioned significant factors in the company that you choose to service your garage door.

  • Their experience

Your aim is to not only get the issues related to your garage door just sorted out but to sort them out appropriately so that you stay problem free for possible years together. This can be only offered by an experiment garage door repair service, whose comprehensive and thorough knowledge of this field acquired over the years would offer you the absolute guidance not one time but every time you need their efficient service, undoubtedly.

  • Their trustworthiness

By choosing a trustworthy company you are not only avoiding the unwanted expenditure that might arise due to unneeded/false garage door fixtures but also you are ensuring the current safety and security of your family by letting only the trusted technicians work in your garage, which is undoubtedly an easy entryway to your home. Hence, you should never overlook this factor while choosing the suitable garage door service for your home so that anytime your safety is never compromised.

  • Their availability

Always approaching the services of a suitable local garage door repair company like the Blaine garage door repair is appropriate as you can avail timely help anytime and every time. Also, if such a company offers to assist you anytime during an emergency, what else is needed more to ensure your absolute safety and security, all the time?

  • Their affordability

The reliable and as well as an experienced garage door service need not be pricey, where, in fact, such a service would be actually affordable as their years of experience would have taught them their customers’ expectations clearly.…

Factors To Be considered While Choosing Materials For Construction

There are many things to be considered while planning to construct a house. Of them, the most important things to be considered are the materials used for constructing the house. As there are varieties of brands and materials available on the market, one may get confused on how to select the best. Here are some of the important points to be considered while buying the materials.

Cost: It is one of the important factors to be considered. It is important for one to understand that nothing comes free of cost. One can get a material of the best quality only when a reasonable amount is invested in it. However, it must also be accepted that there are frauds selling out materials for higher price claiming it to be of best quality. Be cautious about the frauds.

Aesthetic: Though the cost of material is an important factor, the look of the house must also be given equal importance. Changing the desire of having new sash window installed to a simple window may affect the aesthetic look of one’s dream house.

Supplier: Research well on the supplier of the products. Take a look at the products supplied by them. Visit their completed projects and understand the positive and negative side of the products supplied. Maintain a good relationship with the supplier, so that you can invest confidentially on the materials.

Durability: Investing in a construction material must not go a waste. The durability of a material must be worth the cost invested.

Maintenance: Do not choose a material if you are sure that it is not possible to maintain it properly. For example, a light color for paint is known to get dirty easily. If you are not ready to do a proper maintenance, opt for a darker shade.

Though these are the important factors to be considered, there are also other factors like installation, performance, and availability which have to be considered while choosing the materials.…

Tips To Choose The Best Ceramic Tile Cutters

Until the need arises you might not think about purchasing a ceramic tile cutter. But this is a useful tool that can help in your DIY renovation projects. Only if you are looking for a ceramic tile cutter would you realize that there are so many types in the market. So how do you take your pick?

  1. Decide your budget:

The first main criterion in which most cutters differ is the pricing. Based on the pricing you can further shortlist your options based on the actual features. If you do not have budget constraints you can find almost limitless varieties.

  1. Basic or a pro model?

This choice depends on the purpose for which you are looking for a tile cutter. For small projects you can simply stick with buying the basic ones available. These come in handy to cut porcelain and ceramic in small quantities. These are also best suited for thinner slabs of ceramic. For large chunky slabs you would need a professional cutter. These professional cutters come as multipurpose models. These are pretty expensive. You might often find them available on rent. This would be a better choice for large scale renovations.

  1. Look at the reviews:

Once you have finalized your ceramic cutters, before you buy it always look for review of the best ceramic tile cutters in 2017. This would give you an updated list of the most popular ones currently available on the market. User reviews would also give you those details that might have been missed out in the product description that you find on product pages.

Remember that these are tools that you do not use too often but when you do you would need a dependable one. So never settle on a cheaper one at the compromise of the product quality.…

The World’s Most Beautiful Villas

Villas exists in every single country and some are clearly more desirable than others. Why, for example, would you want a Villa in the cold icy tundra of Serbia when you could buy one for the same price on a beautiful island getaway in Thailand.

Mainland Thailand has a certain image attached to it, and maybe it doesn’t deserve it. But with its relaxed laws and eyes turning away from the crime, it’s quickly become a place where people like to party, and they party like nowhere else in the world.

Just off of the south coast of Thailand though, is a little island that has all the romance of a postcard. This island is called Koh Samui. If you find a place more idealistic than this, then you’ve found heaven, because I truly believe that this paradise is the best the earth has to offer.

Myself and friends have all booked luxury villas through the Koh Samui Villas Website ane have never been left disappointed. The villas they have on offer, are nothing short of breath taking. Ranging from penthouses overlooking the ocean with a golden white beach as a garden, to apartments overlooking the vast forest which populates the middle of the island. Roads weave their way through the jungle to connect townspeople with each other

The wealth division here is stark, and it’s clear that the influx of cash coming from these luxury Villas is being put to good use on the island. Giving the islanders opportunities to earn a living, buy food for their family, and buy better equipment for their farms. They are generally happy people and will help you out with anything you need.

The Villas here might be some of the best looking in the world, but the island has so much more to offer. Everything combined here makes Koh Samui the paradise it deserves to be. A million miles away from its neighbour, Thailand