My Real Estate Agent Helped Me Move to My Dream House

It is being long since we have been house hunting. Chicago seemed the best option as my son had got through his interview and was soon to join the university. So, we were very keen to move to this vibrant and happening city. Finally zeroed in on a real estate agent whose name was highly recommended. Cordial and very professional people who work to fulfill our dreams of a dream house.

We had a few conditions like budget a two-bedroom apartment in a good locality, preferably closer to the university so that it saves travel time. The agent showed us some very beautiful places, but it was way over our budget.  They sat us down and showed all the properties they had and explained the benefits of each place. Had never felt so special. After repeated discussions, we finally found our dream home. Had to compromise on the area or locality. It was a little further than what we had wanted, but it had a great view, closer to my husband’s office and close to the bus pick up apoint which was very convenient for our son and me.

Now came the other difficult part, moving to the house. We knew it was going to be stressful as we had to move in by the end of the month. With very little time we had to get a very good mover for the job. Then my real estate agent suggested a name and I hired these Chicago movers. They were like Godsend. They were so organized and worked with such precision. After a long inspection of our household things, they gave us an estimate which was quite competitive. They began their work and helped us through the most daunting task of moving to our dream, house.